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Kigasali General Supply Ltd is based in RWANDA, Kigali City, Kicukiro District, Kicukiro Sector, Gasharu Cell. KGS Ltd is a specialized company for harvesting, processing and exporting green coffee beans Starting in 2016 by a young entrepreneur NTAZINDA IGNACE, now the company operates/owns five Coffee washing stations where 10 employees are used by the Company permanently and other part-time workers range from 600 to 1000 employers with 80 % women.

Currently the new Dry Mill plant facility set in Kigali city precisely Masaka industrial zone where was created a modern high-tech factory of processing coffee with capacity of 800 tons of finished green coffee beans per year.

To be a leading producer and exporter of specialist fine coffee and have share of at least 20% in the production and exportation of specialty fine coffee in Rwanda.

To promote the sustainable agribusiness of coffee in the working zones of the Company. We are committed to transform the lives and livelihoods of coffee farmers, socially and economically by availing modern inclusive farming technology, coffee milling, beans evaluation and ensure life shifty that maximize their opportunities

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