Our story

Kigasali is based in RWANDA, Kigali City. KGS Ltd is a specialized company for harvesting, processing and exporting green coffee beans

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Upcoming Events

New Nursery coffee trees
We provide nursery trees for coffee expansion to communities.

Meeting with farmers
At our washing station, coffee farmers gather for a meeting every month.

New harvested coffee
we export our harvested coffee to many European and Asian countries.

New washing station
We have rent new washing stations to become a total of 6 that we own.


  • 1

    “Coffee has changed my life and now I am able to pay my health insurence.”
    Ngwabije Baptiste

  • 2

    “Since I worked with Kigasali, I became quite experienced at coffee farming and picks the cherries at an impressive rate.”
    Mukandoli Esperance

  • 3

    “In addition to gaining better access to the market through Kigasali, I was able to take up an input loan to reinvest into my farm.”
    Mugabo Innocent